Sunday, December 10, 2006

patsy on the shelf

patsy on the shelf
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I have not posted a picture of Patsy for a while now, so here she is. This was taken yesterday. She is quite a silly beauty.

It was Y's birthday on Thursday so we went to dinner at Patois on Smith Street. I gave him a Jasper Morrison lamp, a beautiful white globe, very simple. Then last night we ate at Natori, one favorite place, but it was not as good as it usually is so we made up for it by pigging out on pastries from the Japanese pastry shop on Saint Mark's. I find it so strange to walk that street; many years ago, in the bad old days of crime-ridden NYC, I was there a lot, post-collegiately cool. Now it just looks like a trashy playground for all the NYU students, since the East Village now seems like a giant housing complex for them. Ah, nostalgia. And the new Gwathmey monstrosity where the old Carl Fischer building was is an architectural tragedy.

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