Friday, December 22, 2006


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I have not posted since Tuesday. I remember when I used to write at least one post a day. The first part of the week was very busy. I had engagements every evening. I had dinner with B on Tuesday and with my brother on Wednesday. Monday I had a rehearsal. Last evening I had a gig. But now I am done teaching for a few weeks, and I have some time, although I have so much work to do--composing--that I won't have a true vacation. I just won't have to teach. My moods are erratic. I have a short fuse. But through constant activity I try to exhaust myself, although this may be exacerbating the problem rather than helping. But I had a nice time with B, who will soon be off on another adventure, and a nice evening with my brother, who has had a year worthy of the Book of Job. I hope this coming year will be a better one for him.

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