Wednesday, January 03, 2007

ho hum

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Now that most people have returned to their normal routines, I feel a bit odd. School will remain closed until next Monday, and so I am in a kind of limbo. Since I am not away I don't really think of this as a vacation, but yet it is one, since I do not have to go teach.

Yesterday I went to Fairway. It was strangely busy. In the evening I went to see "Letters From Iwo Jima," Clint Eastwood's latest film. It was stunning, horrifying, riveting. Rarely have I sat through a film that is as long (two hours and twenty minutes) without feeling bored or wondering when the film would end. Ken Watanabe, as the commander of the Japanese forces, was incredible. I am no fan of war films and rarely see them. But this one is a "don't miss." I think that Clint Eastwood is really a fantastic filmmaker.


clotilde said...

In portugal we call them "Tangerinas" a very simillar name.

John said...

Yes, old age seems to agree with Clint.