Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Ashland Garage
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I had a busy few days: on Friday my digital camera, the Canon Elph, died. I have a large fancy one but wanted a small unit to carry with me for those spontaneous moments, so I went to J&R on Saturday, early evening. It was crowded and strangely sweltering, and I hastily bought a tiny little Casio Exilim. I like it. And it was on sale. New Year's Eve was quiet. First Y and I saw "Dreamgirls." Then we had dinner, champagne, and watched the ball drop. Odd how they have Dick Clark still hosting, post-stroke, with his labored speech. Wouldn't he want to retire? Or maybe he refuses to surrender and has some clause in his contract to insure that. New Year's day was drab, with a gloomy fog in the air, and I slept until noon. I still feel the residual effects of Friday evening, when I stayed up until all hours having fun. I am getting too old for such things.

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