Friday, February 09, 2007


Mabel on the sofa
Originally uploaded by madabandon.

Even if she were not my dog I would have to say that Mabel's cuteness is off the charts. And to top it off she is incredibly sweet and friendly. I have never seen her act mean toward any person or any other animal. But I could tell she was sweet the moment I saw her, seven years ago when she was a ten-week-old puppy. It was her eyes. She makes me very happy. Even when I feel miserable it is impossible not to feel better by having myself a little time with Mabel.


she said...

what a great face! makes all three of us smile too. thanks!

about a boy said...

she is adorable!

John said...


Steven said...

Haven't I seen her on a Hallmark card? Seriously, she's so cute.