Thursday, February 08, 2007


There was a picture on the front page of yesterday's NEW YORK TIMES that left me feeling sick. An Iraqi woman was being questioned in her home by a gang of US soldiers. She had collapsed and was being comforted by her adult son. The floor of her home was covered neatly by beautiful rugs. The American soldiers stood around her, their heavy boots all over her rugs; one of them sat, sprawlingly, quite at home, in a chair to her right. One has to wonder why they were questioning an old woman in the first place, and why they had so little respect that they were stomping all over her rugs? And yet people wonder why our presence there is so despised. One small hope, though, is that by printing such a picture, those who wonder thus will shrink to a minute proportion of our population and our politicians, the cowards who cower in the House and Senate, will get some balls and stop this ridiculous and terrible war.

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