Wednesday, February 07, 2007


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I woke up with a ferocious headache after a fitful sleep. Patsy, smart one, has finally learned that she can wake me with a quiet little meow in my ear, rather than knocking stuff over like she normally does. She did knock a few things over anyway, though, beyond earshot, including my brand-new filofax that I bought yesterday. Luckily Mabel had not found it or she would have chewed it. She loves leather and she recently chewed on one of Y's cool new shoes that he bought in Japan. Luckily he caught her at it when she had just started, before she could do much damage.

I bought a new filofax because they have a new model, a slim one but with full-sized pages. The small ones are too small to be useful and my trusty old-school models (I have two, don't ask) are too big and heavy to carry with me all the time. Plus I just got paid unexpectedly for an arranging job that I forgotten all about, so it was like "free money." And I, frugally, put most of it in my savings.


she said...

most beautiful!

i sit so perfectly still. close my eyes. watch a story unfold, which i will try and capture on canvas to some degree, but i saw lots of words too, so some combination

medusa said...

I'm at work and listening to this while doing some tedious spreadsheet analysis. It's really helping me focus and ignore the distractions around me. I like it a lot.

Funny, she, you wrote "words" but I read that you wrote "woods" because I think I was picturing someone wandering in the woods.

she said...

medusa: it's that photograph don't you think

the combination photo/music inspired this today (while i sat in doctors office w/my son who has a terrible double ear infection).

sit still. be still.
be still until

bare branches touch the evergreens;
applause dies down for dark cloud scenes

til empty seats make sense of things, and spring explains the winter

stop.rushing all around projecting
push/pull/force without reflecting
what makes you think you need protecting
from grace so near your center

sit still



ask, do i chase
where i should wait?

sit still alone until you hear the answer.

til love zooms in for a closer view, double-checks for open hands

sit still. be still. be still until
she gently, safely lands.

~sandra, ttgp

medusa said...

I wasn't looking at the photo - but guess it was still in my head.

John said...

Oh, sublime. Induces a profound sense of peace.