Saturday, February 24, 2007


Homebody Mabel
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The rehearsal was a success. They love the music. I am so relieved. I am almost never satisfied with my music. That is not to say that I don't think it is good, but there are always imperfections, things I just can't seem to get. This is a personal thing, not something I can easily explain except perhaps to another composer. But I don't have many close composer friends. We are all too competitive, in a congenial way, to get too close to one another. I have friends who are artists, writers, theater people.

I worked with the singers, helping them with phrasing, breathing, diction, and ironing out some tricky rhythms in the first chorus especially.

The drive up was awesomely beautiful. It had snowed the previous night and along the winding Taconic the tree limbs were outlined with pure white. The sky was clear blue, like it is now today, and I felt very peaceful. I am thinking more and more of living outside of New York City. The quiet of trees and clear air is something that makes me feel fantastic. God knows I could not bear the suburbs. But someplace in the country, close to a village, but with enough of a sense of isolation to give me tranquility and inspiration. I am not sure that NYC is inspiring to me anymore. The wheels in my head are turning...


she said...

* great shot/love your spaces!

* congrats on successful rehearsal

* my imagination delights in descriptions of your drive

* big YES/AGREE to quiet of trees and clear air; tranquility as inspiration

the biggest change post-divorce for me is now i live in peace and visit noise vs. the other way around and the change is most positive

you should absolutely be where you feel fantastic! -if only packing, moving, unpacking wasn't such a horrid chore

hope you'll make some portion of your upcoming concert available via blog link. i love that!

now.. off to practice my flute!

about a boy said...

i dream of a house upstate.