Thursday, February 22, 2007


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Since I recovered from my cold I have been working quite hard to finish the third choral song from OEDIPUS. Tomorrow I will go to Vassar to rehearse the chorus for the first time; they have been working without me, making good progress (I am told), and they are ready for some more refined direction. I work quite diligently lately. I attribute this most of all to the two filing cabinets I have recently acquired. The filing cabinets have enabled me to clear the clutter from my work area. Visual clutter is tremendously distracting to me. Now my desk is clear and I can focus on writing, and it is just me and work at hand. There is no pile of bills awaiting my attention, or the sundry debris of my rather hectic life. I have also taken on a few new piano students. It's not that I particularly want more students, and I don't even care so much about the extra money it will bring. It is more that these are students I want to teach, and they are very eager for lessons, so I don't have the heart to turn them down. Now if they don't practice...well, that is another thing entirely. I have no qualms about firing students. I don't have the patience, if they don't do their work.

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she said...

great space.

and you've inspired me dear madabandon to practice my flute EVERY DAY between lessons

might have something to do with the thought of how humiliating it would be..

"no lesson today. i was fired."

and i think i sometimes do tax my teacher's patience/godsend that he is

don't want to take my bernie for granted!

"cheers to new cabinets/less clutter/and diligent rehearsals"