Thursday, February 15, 2007


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Your personal ruling planets are Uranus and Venus.

This is a very glamorous number as it is ruled by Venus. You are fortunate in terms of your creative ability and you should never turn your back on those impulses which indicate a possible career in Fine Arts or Music. You will always obtain favours and respect from your superior and in work you will be given some sort of assistance to achieve your goals.

You have a great power in speech - use it wisely. Whenever you speak it's as if some soothing element to people around you attracts them and endears them to you. You have an incredibly dramatic nature which is possibly the power behind those words The number 15 has been considered a magical number, mysterious, conferring on you higher occult powers. You will start to note that at times these powers can be used to achieve what you want. Be sure not to use them for your own selfish ends.


she said...

happy birthday madabandon!

from lucky number 13


lodgerlow said...

I thought that you might be amused by the knowledge that today is Fat Thursday in Poland. My Polish colleague informed me of this. It's a movable feast, so you'll be pleased to hear that next year it won't fall on your birthday.