Friday, February 16, 2007


Call me obnoxious, but it's reading stuff like this that makes me shudder whenever anyone asks me "what is your piece about?" or "what was your inspiration?" (I won't name the writer--a composer--nor the source because I am merely using this as an example of why musicians should probably just not talk about their music). The music should speak for itself.

The title Living, Breathing Earth came to me in contemplating the image of the rainforests as lungs of the earth. I felt our planet, alive with all variety of creatures and plants living in symbiosis with each other, breathing in and out, and the planet as a whole, pulsing with breath. I also contemplated the earth rotating through space, a spinning orb of blue and green, at just the right distance from the sun to support life, and our protective blanket of air, the atmosphere of the earth, providing the medium for our breath.


she said...

great picture!

both of them ")

John said...

Does rather sound like a candidate for Pseuds Corner.

Included the link because I don't know if you get Private Eye in the US.