Sunday, March 11, 2007

black and white

shadow quartet
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Nothing is clear to me. Some people believe in absolutes. Some people see things in clear definition, oppositions neatly arranged, issues falling onto one pile or another. Lately I have wished for such simplicity, although I know that for me it is not possible. So I struggle in the shadows, darting anxiously, and it tires me out.


she said...

words from the essential dalai lama:

pg 81: any mental state that destroys calmness of mind and brings about mental misery, which upsets, afflicts and torments the mind, is said to be a delusion.

words from me: and the recognition, identification, slow, painful process of accepting, loving, understanding and parting with our delusions is an exercise which results -each time- in a higher level of consciousness

each level bringing us closer to the joyful bliss of clarity.

and where there is clarity, there is peace of mind.

from the book of qualities/ruth gendler/pg 15: clarity.

my visits to clarity are soothing now. he never tells me what to think or feel or do but shows me how to find out what i need to know. it was not always like this. i used to visit other people who visited him. finally, i summoned the courage to call on him myself. i still remember the first time i went to see him. was i surprised. he lives on a hill in a little house surrounded by wild roses. i went in the living room and sat down in a comfortable chair by the fireplace. there were topographical maps on the walls, and the room was full of stuff, musical instruments and telescopes and globes, geodes and crystals and old italian tarot decks, two small cats. when i left, he presented me with a sketchbook and told me to draw the same thing every day until the drawing started to speak to me.


may you have a restfull weekend

about a boy said...

simplicity is hard to find. especially in the big city.

i try to take as many naps as time permits. which is very few.