Monday, March 12, 2007


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My friend and colleague gave a recital yesterday. It was a wonderful program with a few rarely-heard pieces plus the Chopin Sonata. It was a great way to spend a beautiful sunny afternoon. Her accompanist was the venerable pianist Seymour Lipkin. Lipkin, who studied with Rudolph Serkin and Horszowski at Curtis, is 80 now, and is not nearly as famous as he should be. He played with such immaculate control and musical wisdom that I was entranced. His technique was so effortless and gentle, and yet he could summon awesome power without any visible tension. What a world of sound he created? I love to see old pianists play. They have removed all excess from their technique. I like it so much better than watching some young hotshot flailing around and "emoting."


she said...

i always love your photographs.

and you make me wish i were there.

what you describe here.. immaculate control/musical wisdom

a true blessing for any audience; passion, joy! with many years life experience.

energy of youth is good, but cannot compare.

thing is; no shortcuts.

about a boy said...

i too love your photos. beautiful.

i dated a concert pianist once. i loved laying in bed and watching him play. his fingers moving quickly across the keys.