Tuesday, March 06, 2007


self portrait in window glass
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I am starting to feel better. In fact, I am starting to climb into the rarefied realm of hypomania. How do I know? My insanely energetic teaching this morning, complete with sound-effects, flying balloons, and other amusements. This would not happen when I am depressed. It would not happen when I am "normal." But it is to be expected, after a depressed cycle. I tend to flip-flop a lot in winter, more so than at other times of year.

Tomorrow I will go up to VC again to rehearse the chorus. I have just completed the beautiful "Death Chorus" and have only the short closing chorus and the instrumental prologue left. The prologue is sketched out so it won't take long at all.

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she said...

i remember that photo from your archives (or something similar). /love how it turned out. purposeful/serendipitous? some combination of the two?


and am i wrong to wish i could have been in the classroom to witness firsthand your hypomania?

i've known it twice for sure. believe it or not; post pregnancy. two weeks after the birth of each child; what you describe here... an "up" i knew was outside of "normal"

second child, i enjoyed it completely with the knowledge it would eventually subside

but for two weeks there was nothing i could not do. nothing that could bring me down.

do you enjoy or resist? is there a pattern for you as to how long your depressions/manias each last?