Monday, March 05, 2007


winter drive
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For someone who lived four years in Chicago and four years in upstate New York, not to mention eighteen years in rural Pennsylvania, I have surprisingly low tolerance for the cold. This was not always the case. I remember having to be convinced to buy a hat in the Chicago winter, because of my vanity and the fact that I did not suffer in the cold there, which was far worse than here in NYC. But lately when it is cold I am just freezing and shivering, no matter how aptly dressed I am. Ever since I got very ill, almost eleven years ago, I have not tolerated the cold well. There are a few good schools with open positions (that I would be quite well-suited for) in the Los Angeles area. It doesn't seem so far-fetched. Except I would not like driving so much. I prefer walking, the subway or the bus when possible.

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she said...

you'd love the climate here in california

don't rule out the san francisco/northern half

there must be some positions available here too

but i do highly, HIGHLY, recommend finding a living space within easy mass transit or walking distance of your teaching space

because let's say, climate improved your quality of life by a 10.

driving/traffic can = a -15 or worse

but if you can find a teaching position with close place to live

i bet it's something you will have wished you did many years ago

and so i offer a blog toast

"to positive changes!"