Monday, April 16, 2007

another one bites the dust

Well, the last bastion of experimental music in Manhattan has closed.

It is not a surprise, but it is a sad statement on the transformation a city that celebrated creativity and fostered artistic communion has undergone at the hands of real estate developers and the sanitization of our urban life.

More and more the things that drew me to this city almost twenty years ago are disappearing and I don't recognize the place anymore.

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she said...

what a beautiful picture

and sad news.

on micro scales i see this pattern of real estate developers/strictly business/money influenced types taking over land & space for a time

but eventually the societies they dominate reflect the inevitable emptiness -that lacking-

which can only be filled when the creativity of artists is welcomed, supported and valued

we do really all need each other.

shame we have to repeat the destructive patterns instead of applying what lessons have already been learned.