Tuesday, April 17, 2007

petty trauma

trees and sky
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Yesterday evening was a time of petty trauma.

First I seriously cut my left thumb. I mean BAD. I have very sharp knives, was chopping garlic, and it was nasty. But I also have amazingly fast reflexes and no sooner had the knife sliced through my thumbnail than my hand was over my head and firmly clenced in a towel. I have not taken a good look at it, having bandaged it up too quickly. So I did not clean it out but it was bleeding so much it is probably ok.

Then my phone line went dead. My landline. No internet, no email, no phone, at a time that is perhaps the busiest in years. It took a great deal of detective work until I discovered the cause, but in fixing it I was not nice to my throbbing thumb.

It was difficult to sleep last night. I had to keep my thumb up and it hurt a lot. Today it feels painful but I think I will be ok. Good thing I don't have to play piano in these upcoming gigs.


she said...

i'm glad you are okay..


and see.. i tried to explain to my ex-husband that working in the kitchen was really dangerous and i shouldn't do it


-that's what restaurants are for.

it is important you keep yourself safe and healthy for your music, typing and painting

leave the chopping/cooking to the paid professionals ")

giacmc said...

I used to cringe with amputation anxiety whenever Julia Child crushed garlic by placing a butcher knife flat over the cloves, then striking the blade with her fist.