Thursday, April 19, 2007


moss (2)
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I wish I could be like this moss, simply existing on the cracked surface of an old tree. Events would take place, people would come and go, and I would stay, inert, no will or worry or desire or fear.

This has been a very complex week. Each day I have had some kind of difficult situation to deal with, and I feel quite exhausted. Due to my thumb I have not been able to swim, which just makes the stress harder to shrug off. But I must. I must remember detachment. Detachment detachment detachment. But is detachment really possible if I have to convince myself to be detached? Help!

Anyway I don't really have time to pursue these thoughts because there is too much going on with concerts and rehearsals for me to get distracted.


she said...

i am so full of unsolicited advice! it's embarrassing. i can't stop...

here i go again!

here's what works for me, and has worked for others

radical acceptance.

radical acceptance of any and all thoughts

so acknowledge/accept, acknowledge/accept, acknowledge/accept

"it's difficult to feel detached"

don't judge it! just


"i feel overwhelmed"

don't judge it! just


this process has a way of slowly liberating your mind and bringing you gently towards peace.

when we keep telling ourselves we should not feel what we feel; that keeps us trapped.

if you try this
if it works for you
pass it on.

love, ~s.

about a boy said...

beautiful picture. and thanks for the bday wishes.