Monday, April 09, 2007


Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Looking South
Originally uploaded by madabandon.

It's funny. I live in a neighborhood that is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the city. Every day one sees people with guidebooks walking the tourist walk, looking up, stopping to read descriptions from their books or from the many plaques that decorate the historic buildings here. And the promenade, of course, is stunning. So why is it that I rarely go there? I live two blocks away. I wonder if the people who live on Central Park West find themselves in a similar predicament. When I lived in Park Slope, though, I visited Prospect Park frequently.


she said...

well, now you have me curious why yes for prospect park, but no for this place only two blocks away?

looks beautiful.

t said...

i used to live in East Harlem and get sudden urges to go to Prospect Park all the time (and did). I lived 5 blks from Central Park at the time, and rarely went there.

I have since moved to Brooklyn, and I never to Propsect Park. (quick bus ride away)