Sunday, April 08, 2007

red, white and blue graffiti

red, white and blue graffiti
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I love this graffiti. I hope that the owner of the garage will leave it there.

I am feeling spacey and my imagination is working vividly so that I feel a bit restless and pulled in many directions, creatively. This is always difficult for me. I am not single-minded in my creativity, and in today's ultra-specialized culture that is something suspicious. We much prefer the idea of a composer who is consumed with writing music every waking moment rather than a composer who would often much rather be drawing or writing or taking photographs or improvising.

When I was in the first grade I won a county-wide art contest with my picture of a horse with colored teeth. My mom had told me that you could infer a horse's age from the teeth, and I interpreted that to mean that the teeth were multicolored. At the time we had a horse and I should have known. But it was not the last time my imagination created my reality. It still does to some extent, and I try to hang on to that.

Tomorrow I have to write a short piece for men's chorus. I have to buy a new ink cartridge for my printer so that I can print my tax forms. It will be a busy week. If my manic energy persists I will coast right through.

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she said...

cool shot.

love the vision of horse w/colored teeth drawn by you in first grade

and hate that this post reminded me of the dread ahead and looming due date for tax forms.

(raising hand for help please).