Thursday, May 10, 2007


  1. wake up at 5 am and do laundry
  2. mop and polish the floors throughout the apartment
  3. work on three compositions at once
  4. talk too fast
  5. sleep, barely, fitfully, maximum four hours a night
  6. don't eat normal meals
  7. don't eat much at all
  8. make lists of projects
  9. obsess over random series of numbers
  10. disassemble three sets of rapidograph pens
  11. clean pens in ultrasonic cleaner
  12. work on meticulous, highly-detailed pen and ink drawings in my "book" (I draw, write, scribble, etc., in notebooks. I have dozens of them).
  13. hand-wash two sweaters and a jacket
  14. re-organize bedroom closet
  15. put winter clothes away
  16. take out more summer clothes
  17. pay bills
  18. make phone calls to set up appointments for next week
  19. converse numerous times with my collaborator on the play

1 comment:

she said...

this level of creativity and productivity, plus reduced appetite and inability to sleep, mimics almost completely the same behaviors caused by amphetamines

i wonder what triggers your brain to organically stimulate your nervous system this way? and i wonder if there is a pattern to it? once a month? lasting for how long? and, this mania happens regardless of other medications? in spite of? because of?

i'm so fascinated by how people respond to chemical rains in their brains -and so curious about them. keeping notes, like you have here, seems invaluable

i'm grateful for you and your blog ~s.