Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Since I received payment for a big commission along with refunds from the IRS and New York State, I have become completely debt-free for the first time in years. Yes, I still have a mortgage to pay, and a car payment, but I have no credit card debt. I inherited a pile of it years ago and only now have paid it off (long story). Yet I still have an excellent credit score because I am one of those people who pays all bills on time and, fortunately, I have never had so many bills that they exceeded my income, as mediocre as my income is. But still the debts were a weight on my shoulders that won't be missed.

In this new state of un-indebtedness I have purchased some badly-needed items:
  1. Bosch HEPA vacuum cleaner (awesome, powerful, extremely quiet)
  2. Toshiba DVD player (my old one was working poorly; new one has amazing picture quality
  3. Three pairs of Adidas Stan Smiths: two black/green and one bright blue/white (extravagant; one would do just fine but when I find something I really really like, especially shoes, I buy two)
  4. One medium-size Freitag tote/shoulder bag for work (not a necessity, but an indulgence)


she said...

debt free!! what a great feeling of liberation..

and great way to celebrate; getting to purchase (cash!) and take home a few things on your wants & needs list

giacmc said...

I have a very kindly feeling towards the Inland Revenue just now. They voluntarily sent me a refund almost ten times what I expected. Indeed I was fixing to send it back. But the letter suggested that I must've failed to understand one of the worksheets. And sure as the world, I had, and would've in future years, if they hadn't been so attentive.

about a boy said...

its a great idea about buying 2. i might have to do that tomorrow when i go hunting for jeans.

T.T. said...

Stan Smiths are dead sexy!