Wednesday, May 16, 2007


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I have a beautiful orchid that was given to me by the cast of the play last week. This is not it; I have not yet photographed it. This is another beautiful orchid that was a birthday gift a few years back.

I take photographs so that I can remember things. Beautiful things, sad things, funny things. When I look at Gino's picture, I feel sad. I don't know if animals' memories are like that. I hope Gino does not remember the bad things that happened to him. I hope he remembers his time here, because he seemed so happy (when Mabel was in the other room); he purred so much when I petted and brushed him, and when I fed him too. I am still so sad that I had to bring him back. I can't bear the thought of him penned up in a cage at the vet's. Please please please let someone who appreciates his scarred beauty and dignity adopt him and give him a home where he can play, sleep, eat, and be safe.


she said...

beautiful orchid & photograph.. such reassuring, calming colors

-and photographs for memories-
yes. yes. yes.

i'm amazed (scared really), when i realize how much i'd forget, never recall, without photographs to trigger the memories

i don't know enough about cat's and how their brains work... but i do know love, genuine love, in even the tiniest amounts over the shortest amounts of time

goes a long, long, long way.

it's wonderful gino had that quality time with you

and i'm prayin' right along with you, that he finds a home where there are no dogs -conflict free with lots of lovin'

about a boy said...

im sorry you had to take the cat back. but at least he had some time with you.