Tuesday, May 15, 2007

empty seat

empty seats
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I am very sad to say that Gino has gone back to the vet. After a long discussion she determined that he probably had bad experiences with dogs, and given his age, was unlikely to change. It was a very difficult decision. I fall for animals quickly, and Gino had endeared himself to me with his roguish charm. But his aggression toward Mabel was alarming, and Mabel herself had begun to look nervous. I took him back after giving him some salmon, a brushing, and a thorough ear-scratching which had him purring and rolling around. Still, I almost cried as I left him. I just hope that someone really nice will adopt him. He would be fine as an only cat, or in a household with other cats. He was not at all aggressive toward Patsy, although she and he had not yet had a tête-a-téte. If you read this, and you know of someone who is looking for a cat and doesn't mind an adult who is a little street-wise, please contact me.


she said...

finding the right environment for each living thing, so each can thrive

a noble goal. sounds like you assessed the situation, and made a difficult but wise decision

love n' prayers all around ~s.

kelinparis said...
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