Monday, May 14, 2007

what to do?

Well, after three days, I am in a dilemma about Gino. He is no fan of Mabel, and he has attacked her multiple times. It is not in defense, because she keeps a polite distance. But I have gotten caught between the two of them and have the scratches to show it. Mabel seems nervous, and it is breaking my heart. Gino is older than I thought he was, based on the appearance of his teeth. I am not sure if he will come around. The vet gave me a large cage to keep him in, hoping that by being around Mabel but not able to get to her, he would become used to her. No sooner had I set the thing up when he just jumped right out of it. I don't want to traumatize Mabel. After all, she was here first. So Gino is back in the bathroom. Stay tuned. The vet told me I can bring him back; I think he might need to be an only cat, or at least in a household without a dog.

Of course I am tortured about this, because he is a real sweetie and full of purring and affection with me.

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