Sunday, May 06, 2007


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This weekend I tried mainly to rest and relax. The week, especially toward the end, was stressful. This is due to a situation at school which is particularly challenging my patience, generosity and compassion. Enough said. Yesterday Y and I took the water taxi around Manhattan. It was a little cold. We got off at Christopher Street and walked up to the Chelsea Market to buy food for dinner.

Today I went to Park Slope, walking with Y up 5th Avenue to find some food. Then we walked back to Ft. Greene and I hopped on a bus to go home. I have been doing little, but I did give Mabel a bath. I took pictures of her which are hilarious. I will post them soon.

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she said...

you created a little ny longing in my heart: manhattan/chelsea market/5th avenue

and quite a smile anticipating pictures of mabel gettin' scrubbed in the tub

-may the joys dillute the "situations"