Thursday, June 28, 2007

night swimming

night swimming
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This is a brief update from upstate NY. I am sitting in a café in Hudson, taking advantage of their WIFI and having a latté. I feel quite relaxed. It is beautiful up here, as always, and today it is pleasant outside; the last three days were quite hot, and I spent a lot of time hopping in and out of the pool. Y and N were up; the former since Saturday and the latter since Monday. I drove them both to the train in Poughkeepsie yesterday and enjoyed some solitude since then. I have not done any work. I am reading Charles Rosen's book PIANO NOTES, parts of which I had read before. He was my professor in grad school and his book THE CLASSICAL STYLE was earth-shattering to me when I read it as an undergrad, because it was the first time I read someone who could explain so brilliantly that musical language really does have meaning that can be described.

I watched "The Squid and the Whale" last night on dvd. It brought back so many memories of my own parents' divorce, even though the story was very different from my own. One thing it made me realize, with shocking clarity, is that my father never made any effort to have custody of us, and in fact we never even slept over his place. The only time I stayed with him was when I was house-sitting when he traveled, or for a period during my last year of high school when my mother had kicked me out of her house.


medusa said...

It's weird that our lives connect at so many random points. We live relatively close in Brooklyn, you went to college in Poughkeepsie, where I went to high school, and now I learn that your upstate getaway is near the Hudson train station - the very station I travel to when visiting my mother. (Or for that matter, my father, who lives much closer to Hudson. But, similar to what you write about your father, I have not visited my father's home in many many years; we meet in neutral places, or more often, at the home of one of my brothers.)

I would not be surprised if I finally find myself an apartment and run into Mabel in the lobby after I've moved in and realize that we're now in the same building!

she said...

sounds wonderful.
looks wonderful.

intriguing; the books, the movie.

healing too, to review childhood from the adult perspective

everything so much more clear.

the limitations of the parents; the innocence of the child

and it never fails to fascinate me;

how often tough childhoods result in loving, sensitive hearts

-pound, pound, pound, smash, pound. flip 'em over and pound some more
like tenderiser or something

horse whisperers
dog whisperers

people extra kind and patient like that

10 times out of ten, they were abused in their youth