Thursday, July 26, 2007


Since I was in high school I have looked at my watch or a clock at 12:12 pm almost every day. This is not something that I consciously set out to do. It just happens. It was a joke among my friends in high school. We would be hanging out, outside usually. Lunch period ended at 12:15. Due to my diligence, we always knew when the next class period began.

Just now I looked at my watch. 12:12.

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she said...

love it!

now, attach to this time, this number


everytime you see 12:12

in any form... scrambled, in order, tucked within larger numbers, or created by adding, subtracting, and playing with math, on a clock, on a watch, on a receipt, a license plate...

this makes you LUCKY.

and just wait and see how LUCKY you quickly become!

and THANK YOU, by the way madabandon

because your post time for this blog has MY LUCKY NUMBERS!


easy as 1, 2, 3 (or 213).