Thursday, July 26, 2007


I went to the doctor last evening. He gave me drugs and told me that I must rest for the rest of the week, which means no painting, no swimming, and lots of sleeping. I am glad he told me that, because otherwise I would feel too slothful to rest so completely, and thus I would perpetuate this awful congestion and cough. So that is my plan. Today I will sleep. I will wake up from time to time, maybe practice a bit, walk Mabel of course, but mostly I will be like Patsy and Hammy here, crashed out on the bed.

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she said...

it's a shame to me that rest has a slothful or lazy connotation attached to it

when it is so vital to our health and restorative for our soul

when people can proactively rest... not wait for illness, or permission, or a prescription

this will benefit all of mankind; not to mention the health care crisis we're currently in...