Tuesday, July 24, 2007

lavender hydrangea

lavender hydrangea
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I took this picture in PA the weekend before last. I was at a small farm buying vegetables and blueberries, and their flower gardens were so beautiful.

Today, despite the fact that my cold has morphed into a sinus infection of unprecedented ferocity, I persisted in my home improvements and painted the bedroom ceiling. Painting a ceiling is not easy. I did a pretty fine job, although I do have to touch up a few spots. All that is left now is the living room ceiling--a large expanse, but far fewer complicated obstacles than in the bedroom--and the bedroom walls, if I dare.

It is important for me to be productive, I have realized. If I am not composing, I'd better be doing something around the house. I am not lazy, that's for sure. I wish that I were lazy. I could relax more.


she said...


flower gardens... so good for the soul!

about a boy said...

is that a hydrangea? or a phlox?

madabandon said...

you know I think it is phlox. thanks for the tip.