Monday, July 23, 2007

missions aborted

Saturday I had plans to go to NJ to shop for a new bed or sofa, whichever option presented itself more favorably. I was ready to drop some cash. I got up, showered, got my stuff together. But suddenly I was struck with just how lousy I felt, and thought that a drive through the Holland Tunnel was not the really the best activity for me. So much for that. I went back to bed.

Sunday was a day equally as gorgeous as Saturday day was: dry, sunny, not too hot. Perfect for the beach! It had been on the radar for the weekend anyway. So I gathered my stuff and Y too and we hit the road. But no sooner had we gotten ourselves there then Y began to feel awful, chills, feverish. So we hopped back in the car and it was back to Brooklyn.

Today I have not attempted anything too strenuous. I did scrape and patch plaster in the bedroom and in the dining room, though, to prepare for more painting. Now it is time for another nap. I have a wicked chest cough, painful too.

1 comment:

she said...

honor that need for rest & recovery

-and keep your place well ventilated..

seems there is something in this paint... from your pets, to you, to Y...

hope you feel better soon