Wednesday, July 18, 2007


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This lady was missing last night for three hours. A friend came by and we were going out to have coffee when he asked where Patsy was. "Oh, she's hiding," I cavalierly told him. An hour later, when we came back, I noticed that Patsy was nowhere to be found and that Hammy was looking for her and seemed a little agitated. I looked in all her hiding spots. Then, growing more alarmed, I thought that maybe she had scurried out at some point in the early evening, when there was much coming-and-going with Mabel, guests, etc. I put up signs in the building and began a heart-thudding search, setting up cans of cat food and putting up signs alerting my neighbors. I called Y who came over to help look. My friend K continued to scour the apartment, and a helpful cat-owning neighbor came to help. Finally I heard a triumphant shout. K had found her. She was in a drawer in my dresser, my sock drawer no less! How on earth had she gotten in there? That is what I have to figure out. Anyway, I was exhausted when I finally fell asleep last night. She is lovely and a little mysterious, my Patsy. I wonder what she was thinking while she was lying among my socks, listening to us all looking for her, calling her name over and over again.

It was odd, because I couldn't imagine that she had run out. She has never shown the slightest inclination to do so. Maybe she didn't like the newly painted bathroom and was registering her protest.


medusa said...

What a relief!

Years ago, when I lived upstate, my cat ran out of my apartment during a late night party and I didn't notice until the next morning. I put up flyers and scoured the neighboring streets, and an entire day passed without finding her. I was nearly hysterical. And then, I got a phone call, from a couple who lived just two doors down, who'd found her cowering under a parked car in front of their building. The weird thing was that I knew one of them; we were co-workers but never knew we lived in such close proximity.

After that I became obessesive about the front door, and found myself looking under parked cars all of the time, I guess looking for other people's lost pets.

she said...

what a scare! -glad for the happy ending

i have no pets, but notice my plants don't do well near fresh paint -does make me think maybe patsy was retreating from the odor of fresh paint in the bathroom

but you do your canvas art painting there, yes?