Thursday, July 19, 2007

read this

I don't believe in vigilantism or in vandalism, but reading this almost makes me want to applaud.


lodgerlow said...

I don't understand fully. That's an army truck isn't it? A bloke parked an army vehicle in the suburbs for 5 days and is what... faux-surprised that it was vandalised? He has to be faking his surprise - he can't seriously think that driving an army vehicle isn't going to piss people off.

she said...

this reminds me of when anti-choice people bomb clinics where abortions are performed

claiming to value all human life.

if you genuinely care about the environment, you are not going to go attack and destroy other peoples property

this is a criminal act of ignorance and hate. it has nothing at all to do with protecting our environment

and i'm always sorry to see things like this get the media attention they do