Thursday, August 30, 2007


patsy's fangs
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I am fighting my demons the last few days. For a number of reasons the agonies of depression--in my case, anxiety, paranoia, hypochondria--have mounted a full-scale assault on my psyche. I am utilizing a variety of methods to manage the situation. Last night I just gave in and went to bed for the sleep cure; I slept almost eleven hours, fitfully at times, but don't feel much better right now. I am going to just stay in the moment, moment giving way to the next, and not ponder anything too deeply right now. I am in survival mode. Sounds dramatic, right? But it's also deeply, awfully boring.

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she said...

what a photo! -sleep is good, and co-existing with the uncomfortable experiences

temporary visitors. very temporary.
they will find the exit door soon

"to survivors!"