Friday, August 31, 2007

old pictures

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My printer died last weekend and I got this new Canon multifunction unit (scanner, printer, copier etc.) so I have been scanning some old photos. Here is my mother sitting with the carriage driver. My grandparents are sitting in the cab. I never met my grandfather. He died at 55 of a heart attack, a few years before I was born. Everyone always speaks of him in reverential tones, as if he were some sainted man. And he very well may have been. I wish I knew.

I am not sure where the picture was taken but it is most likely in Pennsylvania. My mother grew up in Bethlehem.

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she said...

what a treasure!

and i like paying attention to these kinds of things: how this picture is up and this post was written because your printer died.

and that leads to this thought and action, and this leads to that thought and action. all these tiny shifts along the way..

to keep us on course.