Saturday, August 25, 2007

the `hood

red, white and blue graffiti
Originally uploaded by madabandon.

It makes me laugh to call Brooklyn Heights "the `hood." Somehow it does not seem apt. But here I am. Y went to California. His sister will meet him and N there. I was looking at plane fares but I decided to stay here and save my pennies. It's a good thing I did, because today my printer died, and so I will have to buy a new one. They are manufactured to cease functioning relatively quickly, I've found. And periods go by where I don't use it, which doesn't help. But I ordered one of those print/fax/scan/copy machines, a Canon, highly recommended by those in the know.

So I putter around, unused to such weekend solitude. This quality is enhanced by the fact that most sane people have left town, and all that remain...hmmmm. I don't want to speculate.


medusa said...

oh. i'm one of the remaining. plus the man who stopped me outside the grocery store this morning to tell me today he is celebrating 53 years of life.

she said...

train tracks right behind us,

and every other car it seems is tagged

traveling art show for those who can't make the galleries