Friday, August 24, 2007

looking ahead, wistfully

trees sky clouds (abstract)
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My summer is drawing to a close. August always flies by, in contrast to the slow winding days of June and July. I see glimpses of the year ahead, more of them each day. I run into colleagues whom I have not seen since the end of last school year. I see the occasional kid from school, back from whatever the summer activities were. It is rare that these kids spend the summer in the city.

I am happy to teach and don't dread the start of the school year. The schedule makes me more productive. Too much unscheduled time is not good for my habits. But there will be those hectic days when, by evening, I want to scream at the sky. And here, in the city, I can't very easily do that without making a spectacle of myself.

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she said...

"to a great school year!

screaming at the sky

and beautiful spectacles!"