Wednesday, September 12, 2007

in the `hood

orange, brick and rust
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Directly across the street the Coen brothers (of FARGO and more) are making a film. I sit on the stoop of the house weekly as I sit with my car on Wednesday afternoons. This film stars Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Frances McDormand. I don't much care about the first two, but I absolutely love Frances McDormand. She's awesome. Films are shot in Brooklyn Heights frequently, but most of the time I don't much care. But the proximity of this one, and the fact that one of my favorites actresses is going to be here, even has me, usually unimpressed by such things, a little bit thrilled.

Mabel has already charmed the crew that is working there; they will be here for weeks. Perhaps she will charm them so much that I can meet Frances, or better yet, Mabel can meet her. There are few who can resist Mabel's charms...


she said...

i have such a feeling this will happen -and you will of course, have your camera ready

and will share the picture and memory here i hope

go mabel!

medusa said...

Brilliant! I love Frances McDormand as well.

Maybe Mabel will get a cameo...