Monday, November 12, 2007

things I have been busy doing:

For lack of a more narrative post, I will submit this list. These are the various things that have been keeping me insanely busy, and busily insane, for the past few weeks.
  1. teaching eight piano students
  2. writing music for a production of "Le Petit Prince"
  3. assembling the text for my choral commission
  4. conducting an interview via email of a German composer living and working in Paris, for a literary/arts journal, to be published soon
  5. going to the gym
  6. writing college recommendations
  7. trying to have a social life but not really succeeding
  8. worrying that Rudy Guiliani could actually become president, and trying to figure out which country I will move to if that should happen
  9. taking Mabel upstate which was wonderful until she rolled in some dead animal, coating her beautiful fur in the most nauseating slime
  10. having trouble sleeping and feeling tired most of the time as a result
  11. reading Colm Toibin's "The Master," a novel based on the life of Henry James


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she said...

reads like you are doing all the write things, for the write people and write reasons

"to you! -full plate from the banquet of life

plus drinks n' dessert" love, ~s.