Thursday, December 27, 2007

my teacher was a genius...

My brother called me this evening to tell me about this article on the front page of the NY TIMES' Arts section today.

I feel so proud for Ralph, and I feel so lucky for having known him as I did. He was a great artist, a deep intense man with an overflowing heart and an extraordinarily prickly personality. He had no patience with fools or bureaucracy or convention. My life would not be what it is today had I not gome to Chicago to study with him.

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she said...

great article/photo too.

"Shapey described himself as structurally a classicist, emotionally a romanticist and harmonically a modernist."

there is no "one" label for the work of any genius.. but everyone keeps trying, even the geniuses themselves. not bad, he narrowed it to three for lay people and academics

and you studied with him -his influence, no doubt, informing the art born now from your mind & soul

"My life would not be what it is today had I not gone to Chicago to study with him."

i see always, a kaleidoscope, with artists (life in general) -the way we touch each others lives

creating "a variety of beautiful colors and patterns; a delightfully diverse and unpredictable sequence of sights, (sounds), events

and "In 1982 he became one of the first composers to win a prestigious MacArthur Foundation award. He had never heard of the prize, the so-called genius award, and was suspicious when a foundation official called him with the news that he had just won more than $400,000."

“I got impatient and said: ‘Let’s quit this nonsense. Which one of my friends or enemies put you up to this?’ ” He hung up.

-great story!-

i've seen winners/learned about that award on the charlie rose show. -what a gift!-

not just to the recipients, of course.. and not just to the incalcuable number of people who ultimately benefit from their work

but for how it understands artists; the creative process; the importance/value of work

i don't think there is anyone who would not appreciate a lift from financial burdens

but, this lift, provided to the write people can result in masterpiece works -and now as i type that, i am curious more about the history of this award, the recipients, the results

tricky thing this award.. if i remember correctly, it comes with "no expectations"

so they do not dictate what the genius should do, be, or create

it is not commission - it's permission!

"to great teachers! to 48 years for c.r.i! to n.w.r. for the rescue! to shapey!"

and p.s.

i do like how photos show up on the internet much better than in newspapers.. feels like he's write here

happy new year! much love, ~s.