Saturday, December 29, 2007


mad man

I've been in a good mood lately, which is great, since usually the holidays get me down. Last evening I met Y at the Guggenheim to see the Richard Prince show, which I found entirely underwhelming. Why is this guy given a huge show when there are so many great artists out there? We arrived at separate times, and Y didn't have his phone, so it was interesting trying to find each other in the large crowd. But we did. And later we ate dinner at a new Vietnamese restaurant that has opened in my neighborhood. It was good, which is exciting; my neighborhood has too many mediocre restaurants so I hope this one is a keeper.

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she said...

your smile makes me smile..

great self portrait shot for the new year ahead

and how do you do it? three mini stories in one paragraph

the concert
pull of magnets in a pushy crowd
dinner out

"to good moods! -and an incredible new year" love, ~s.