Saturday, January 12, 2008


This morning, walking across the street to the car, I dropped my new orange phone. It fell hard on the asphalt, the impact opening it to expose the hidden keyboard that I love so much. For the rest of the day I have been obsessed with my phone's new scars. It was perfect, unsullied. Now it is scarred. However it works perfectly still despite being flying out of my hands and surviving a crash landing. A woman at Verizon (tech support; I could not figure out how to transfer my contact list from the website to the new phone) whom I spoke with on the phone remarked, unprovoked, that she had the same phone and she has dropped it a numerous times and she loves it and it's great. But I am very neurotic, and wish I could trade it in for a brand new one. So being the neurotic nerd that I secretly am, I just ordered a silicone case for it, transparent so the handsome orange still charms.

I went to the DWR Annex for a big sale, and bought a new dining table, very nice, at a huge discount (from $900 to $200; can't beat that). It extends to seat eight, but is infinitely adjustable within the limits of its dimensions. And another shaker chair, this one bright red. And another Kartell storage cylinder thing, bright red lacquer. Cool. I have just finished getting rid of numerous things in my process of ridding myself of things. I had Y urging me on. He is ruthless, but it is what I need.


she said...

honor the neurotic nerd in you

-that's what i say-

and what a perfect solution: transparent silicone case.

and is that a true story? $200 for a dining table that seats up to 8..

you'd be a fool not to take advantage

"to you and y and your colorful shopping spree

and great sales!"

love, ~s.

medusa said...

I dropped my Treo on the stairs in my mother's house - it went bump, bump, bump, striking every single hard-wood step all the way down. The screen was shattered. I bought several of those silicon covers and feel very confident now (although I am not sure if it would survive another nose dive down a flight of stairs, I am really not about to test it.) I even managed to turn many of my co-workers on to the secret of the silicon case. Cheap and functional!