Sunday, January 27, 2008

The "Real" New York

So yesterday I had one of those experiences that excite people who don't live in New York. And actually, to tell the truth, they excite those of us who live here when they happen so unexpectedly. I had made a quick stop at a store in Tribeca where I have been buying clothes for some time now. They have a twisted-preppy slant that suits me. It is a small store, and the only customers at that time were me and Julianne Moore. Of course, we who live here practice the art of ignoring celebrities, and I did my part. But she is one of my favorite actresses and I did quietly enjoy being in her presence for the twenty minutes that I was there. She is shorter than I thought, which is usually the case. I always think actors and actresses must be tall. Who knows where I got that from.

1 comment:

she said...

oh, she is one of the best of the best..

is the social etiquette that you can't even say hi?

she's a magnet.. i would have lost sight of my manners, i'm sure of it

glad it was you, and not me with my california ignorance and camera in hand

-and i've only seen her on screen.. tv/movies, -never on stage

but you - lucky new yorker -
have you seen her on broadway?