Saturday, January 26, 2008


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I am learning a lot these days. I am enjoying it. I get restless when my mind is not challenged. As a kid in school I used to finish my work far ahead of my classmates most of the time, and in the ensuing boredom would usually get myself into trouble. It was only in the third grade that I had a teacher that recognized that I was bored, not bad; she made sure to always have more work for me; she celebrated my creativity and I still remember that year of school because I was so happy. Miss Bonner. I wonder what happened to her. She was a great teacher.

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she said...

i understand this fully! -boredom let's the devil in without having to knock

and three cheers for teachers who recognize "bored not bad"

and offer up the stimulating challenges -great return on investment, as you testify here

"to miss bonner and everyone like her!"