Tuesday, February 19, 2008

goodbye for now

For a multitude of reasons large and small I have decided to end my blog here. It has been like my life: tumultuous, beautiful, scary, delirious, dull, intriguing...

So I say farewell.


medusa said...

I am sorry to see you go, but hope you still will "visit" mine sometimes. I also hope that you are okay after last week.

she said...

madabandon: you can't imagine how much you'll be missed..

hope all is okay..

thoughts/prayers with you always my ny blogger friend

much love, ~s.

she said...

-just thinking about you-

prayers, thoughts, hugs..

much love, ~s.

she said...

it is my desire to let you know i'm missing your posts and photography and art and music

but without being annoying

to let you know you are missed

but without creating guilt or pressure

-to honor and respect your need for time and space and freedom

but to also let you know

i'm thinking of you. include you in my meditations and prayers

much love, my ny friend, ~s.