Wednesday, April 30, 2008

at home

at home
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Yesterday I took most of the day for myself, to rest and get over this nagging cold. After the whirlwind of last week, and last night's very successful performance, I truly enjoyed being at home. I enjoyed sitting on the sofa reading and admiring my new coffee table. It is a thing of beauty and definitely makes my old half-destroyed sofa look much better. You can see Mabel and if you look closely under the table you can see Hammy's back.

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she said...

your home is a picture of peace (clutterless, clean, open) and love (mabel n' hammy)

what a great place to hang out and relax, read, contemplate,
-celebrate- your accomplishments; pause; allow for new creative adventures to enter

i have a request.. some time ago you used to provide links to brief samplings of your music

i could click.. close my eyes.. listen..

very cool. "cheers to you! and chicken soup..."

love, ~s.