Monday, April 21, 2008


messy bedroom (detail)
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I have been spending a lot of my time at home lately. During the week I have been so busy with work that when free time comes I have little desire to go out. And my steady upgrading of my apartment continues to make it an increasingly comfortable and peaceful place to be. I have just purchased a new coffee table from DWR. It's actually a bench, but makes a perfect coffee table and will look great in my place, since almost all my furniture is simple, modern, and made of wood. This is special because it is the first piece of furniture that I have ever paid full price for, having cobbled together some wonderful stuff from warehouse sales, the sidewalks of Brooklyn, hand-me-downs, and such. I have bought the Nelson Platform bench (made by Herman Miller). It is a truly beautiful piece, one that I have wished for for years, and I decided rather spontaneously that for once I will not even try to be frugal. It will arrive later this week, or early next.

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she said...

-that's how home should feel, and wonderful when it does: comfortable and peaceful

and how exciting really.. to have this beautiful bench in your home after wishing for it for so long

hope you have a great weekend, love, ~s.