Friday, April 18, 2008

a rolling stone gathers no...

rocks and moss

I am posting from my shiny new iMac. I bought it with part of the proceeds from my IRS refund. My old iMac was almost five years old!!! I of course was using my trusty MacBook more and more, but even that one is a few years old. This is a great computer. The large clear display is easy on my eyes.

The adage quoted in the post title certainly applies to me. I have been so incredibly busy lately that I hardly have time for much that is not scheduled. I don't mind a bit. Other than being tired, I feel like I am thriving. There have been some troubling issues in my personal life--worries and such--but they are balanced by my happiness with my work and the feeling that I am succeeding on a number of levels.

And when I do sit down to compose I do so with a sense of clarity and purpose that has long been hard to find.

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she said...

madabandon -glad to read this one.. new computer sounds great; productive, creative, thriving..

handling w/balance the challenges

"to clarity!" love, ~s.