Thursday, April 10, 2008


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I just heard one of my favorite sounds, one I don't hear very often. I live three blocks from New York Harbor. It is very foggy out right now. I just heard the low cry of a foghorn. I remember when I first moved to Brooklyn almost twenty years ago, and how, the first night I was in my apartment, even closer to the water than I am now, I heard them, and how exciting it was after four years in land-locked Chicago.


she said...

-and i just heard it too-

through your words here; your description and appreciation

i'm surrounded here by sounds i treasure, but topping the list for me since moving to my current place is the honking songs of canada geese over head

thanks for this post & photo

love, ~s.

medusa said...

I was enjoying the sound of wind chimes somewhere on my block - a distance far enough to be musical and not annoying. Now someone has hung a large wind chime outside the window above my bedroom window. As I learned in the wee hours of the morning, not a pleasant sound, at least not that loud, that close to one's sleeping head.