Friday, July 24, 2009


East Village Mosaic
Originally uploaded by madabandon.

I am in New Hampshire, at the MacDowell Colony, happily ensconced in Hillcrest, the house where Edward MacDowell and his wife Marian lived. I have the house to myself and it is rather grand, but grand in that New England kind of way, quite different from Brooklyn grand.

This is my first time back to MacDowell since 1990. It is hard to believe that so much time has passed by. I never reapplied after my second residency. I'm not sure why, but life intervened, I started going to Yaddo instead, and MacDowell receded in my memory. But now that I am here again I realize that I should come for another residency, perhaps next summer. Although I wonder: what will my little family do in my absence?

The rehearsal this morning went beautifully and I am very pleased with how my piece turned out. With every new piece I learn more. I hope that never stops.


she said...

i'd have no knowledge base of where/who you are typing about without good old wikipedia..

but now i stop to think what it might be like to be inside the home of Dr Maya Angelou..

i imagine it would have quite an impact

and all of these experiences.. all of this exposure, traveling, remembering, processing

-how that magically informs your creativity

glad rehearsals are going well

love, ~s.

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